Our mission is to create the highest quality medical programs in the world to accelerate the careers of our interns and uplift the communities we serve. By integrating elements across disciplines we are able to design unparallelled experiences that incorporate specialty shadowing, health innovation and technology, and community health development in some of the most beautiful yet underserved locations in the world.

By joining Cross World Medics you are becoming a member of one of the fastest growing medical networks in the World. A tribe of doctors, health professionals, and mentors dedicated to overcoming the global health challenges of the 21st century.

Gain the Competitive Edge

Medical school acceptance rates continue to drop with most schools accepting less than 4 percent of applicants. Here is how our internships make you more competitive:

  • Shadowing experience ( a basic requirement of most medical schools)
  • Global Internship in a high need community
  • Upto 160 community volunteer hours with health focus
  • Letter of Recommendation from Doctor/Executive
  • Foreign language development

A Cross World Medic Internship will be one of the best if not the most impactful investment you have made on your path to becoming a medical professional.


Safety is our top priority.


Designed by Global Health Specialists


An international community of high performers


Immersion and meaningful work

Competitive Advantage

International experience and perspective


Building yourself and the community


Admissions and Eligibility

I noticed there are many application deadlines—when should I apply?
Positions are highly limited to ensure the highest program quality. You can apply at any time, for any program, before any of the application deadlines. However, spaces fill up fast and once they are full you will have to apply for a waitlist position.
Do you have to be a student to qualify for the programs?
Yes. You must currently be enrolled in or graduated from a college or university and be between the age of 18-25.
Where do Cross World Medics come from?
Cross World Medics originated as One Heart Source in 2008 and has now evolved into a stand alone medical organization. Since 2008 over 1,200 students from more than 100+ universities, representing dozens of countries worldwide have participated in our programs.
What prior experience, if any, is required to participate?
Cross World Medics emphasizes a collaborative and diverse environment that is inquiry led. No prerequisite knowledge base is required; however, a strong desire to become a health professional is recommended. If you are looking for a non-health based program we can recommend other opportunities to better suit your goals.

The Experience

Will I be trained before the start of my program?
Your onboarding process will begin once your deposit is made and will continue to increase as you approach flight day. A comprehensive orientation will then be provided upon arrival in country. Support and training will continue throughout the program.
What is the level of leadership and involvement of CWN Interns in the program, and how can I contribute to the design and implementation of the program?
Our interns hail from all national and social backgrounds, which, we believe, adds to the evolution and development of our programs and our organization. Throughout all CWM programs we strongly encourage interns to take initiative and develop ideas and projects that utilize their individual strengths and skills to benefit the communities we work with.
Will there be time for personal travel during the programs?
Yes! Cape Town is a beautiful place with a rich history and culture. You will be able to spend time exploring the city and surrounding areas during weekends. Weekends are free, and many interns choose to go on safaris, skydiving, hiking, shark cage-diving, or other local excursions. CWM Interns also receive group discounts on most excursions. If you are interested in more extensive travel, we suggest you schedule time before or after your program dates to do so. CWM Interns also receive group discounts on most excursions.
What are the safety concerns and/or procedures abroad?
Safety is our number one priority. All internship experiences are planned and executed with your safety as our first concern. During program hours, Interns are always under supervision of OHS Leadership. In all locations, a vehicle is available 24/7 in case of emergency. Volunteer living accommodations are secure. We are confident that you will find our locations to be warm and welcoming; however, as is the case in any foreign country or city, travel abroad does pose risks and requires safe, smart travel techniques. Upon arrival you will be educated on and familiarized with your immediate location to ensure a comfortable stay. CWM Leadership is available 24/7 should there be any concerns.


Does CWM book flights for volunteers?
Because our interns come from all over the world, CWM does not book flights for our interns. However, CWM interns utilize our partnership with STA (Student Travel Agency) who will help organize group flights for interns.
As a volunteer, will I travel alone or with a group of volunteers?
Once our volunteer positions are filled, contact information is exchanged with fellow members so that you can book flights together if you would like. We encourage traveling together when possible! During the program, transportation is provided by CWM, and volunteers travel together.
Will I be picked up upon arrival?
Yes! CWM will pick up all interns upon arrival. There are arrival and departure guidelines presented in the Logistics Manual to assist in ensuring appropriate arrival and departure times.
When am I expected to arrive in country?
The program officially begins at 5:00 p.m. on the program start-date, so you may arrive in country that day if you arrive before 2:00 p.m. However, most people choose to arrive a day or two before the program start-date in order to acclimate. The program end-date is a full day of scheduled activities until 5:00 p.m. Checkout is 10:00 a.m. the following day. Participating for the full length of the program is mandatory. If you are concerned about time conflicts, please contact CWM staff to see if an accommodation can be made.

Fundraising & Program Fees

Does CWM offer any financial aid or sponsorships?
As a non-profit organization, Cross World Medics does not currently offer any financial aid or sponsorships. We do, however, strongly encourage fundraising your program fee through the help of friends, family, and various fundraising campaigns. See our fundraising page for best practices.

Academic Credit and Medical School Applications

Can I receive academic credit or volunteer hours for my program?
Absolutely. Many interns have received academic credit or certified volunteer hours for participating in a program. We suggest that you contact your school advisor or Department Head to inquire about any opportunities that may be available for you to receive academic credit. CWM staff can serve as your proctor for research or course credit if needed.
Is it possible for CWM Staff to write a letter of recommendation, if necessary?
Yes. In some cases more than one letter of recommendation can be requested. Based on your tenure with CWM letters maybe requested from staff, physicians, and executives. We serve as a tribe of medics and foster our community. We want you to succeed, so we are here for you on your journey to becoming a health professional.